Head & Neck Region

Pain in the head and neck region causes discomfort throughout the body, including headaches, muscle soreness, and vertigo. Injuries to this region of the body require physiotherapy services to remedy the issue.

At RehabMAX, we create personalized treatment plans for all of our clients. We accurately assess and diagnose injuries, and then create a unique plan of action. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience, and our mission is to help those suffering from aches, pain, and soreness.

What we Treat

Our experienced physiotherapy team can minimize head and neck pain and aid with the recovery process. Some of the issues that we can treat include:

Why RehabMAX?

RehabMAX provides world-class physiotherapy services to the city of Surrey. With our 2,500 square foot facility, featuring essential rehab equipment, we are equipped to help patients overcome debilitating injuries.

Since 2001, residents and physicians have trusted our services. Through our physiotherapy treatments, we increase range of motion, reduce pain, restore strength, and prevent re-injury. Contact us today to book an appointment