Sports Therapy

Therapeutic taping for sports therapy at RehabMAXA wide variety of sports-related injuries can result from trauma, repetitive strain and/or biomechanical problems. At RehabMAX Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, after the assessment, we use stretching and strengthening techniques as part of a customized treatment program. Sports injury treatments will often involve manual therapy, which includes joint mobilization and soft tissue stretching. Core stability programs may be used to provide a strong foundation. Techniques such as bracing and taping may be used to offer joint stability. Clients can be guided from the initial acute injury stage through to a full return to their sport.

Therapeutic Taping

Taping is used for acute and chronic ligament and/or tendon injuries. This allows for early re-entry to sports and/or work. The primary objective with therapeutic taping is to provide support and protection of injured tissues and to facilitate normal movement patterns without excessively limiting a patient’s functional capacity.