Forward Head Syndrome

Forward head syndrome is extremely common in today’s society and describes a condition where, as a result of changes in posture, the head juts forward, shortening the neck muscles. This can be mild or severe and is affected by different factors such as type of occupation, age, presence of arthritis and other genetic factors.

Over time, with the load of your 10–12 lb head pulling forward on your spine, the normal curve in your neck reduces, the length of the spine decreases and muscles in the front of your neck become weaker. This can lead to a variety of symptoms such as neck pain and headaches.   It may also cause nerve impingement, which can result in radiating pain into the upper extremities.

How our physiotherapists can help

With hands on therapy, stretching, specific exercises and postural re–training, our physiotherapists will work with you to improve your posture, alignment and neck strength. In addition, we will teach you proper postural positioning and techniques to adapt your work and home areas to reduce the strain on your neck. Book an appointment today to discover how we can help reduce your neck pain and improve your posture!