Ankle and Foot Region

Physiotherapy services for the ankle and foot region can help remedy common ailments. Muscle tightness, decreased range of motion, and fatigue can all be symptoms of ankle or foot injuries.

Creating an optimal recovery plan requires experience and expertise. Since 2001, Our team has provided essential rehab and physio services to those suffering from ankle and foot injuries. With our state-of-the-art facility and customized treatment plans, we excel at remedying pain and discomfort.

What we Treat

Pain in the ankle and foot region makes walking extremely difficult. Our trained physiotherapy staff can increase mobility and decrease pain. We provide extensive foot and ankle rehab services, including treatment for:

RehabMAX Can Treat Foot And Ankle Injuries

RehabMAX has over 100 years of combined experience treating foot and ankle injuries. Patients and physicians in Surrey have counted on our top-of-the-line equipment, experienced staff, and personalized treatment plans to rehab from ankle and foot injuries.

Our focus is on strengthening muscles and preventing re-injury. Our rehab services are ideal for any stage of recovery and will ensure a smooth rehab process. We understand that every injury is unique and we tailor our treatments to fit your condition. Contact us today to book an appointment.