Ankle and Foot Sprains/Strains

Ankle sprains occur when you “turn over” on your ankle and can be minor or major, depending on the extent of the trauma.  Even minor ankle sprains can result in pain, swelling, and the inability to put weight fully on the ankle. The first step in treating ankle sprains is to rest, ice and elevate the ankle. If after a few days, you continue to have ankle pain or are unable to resume normal activities, it is best to see a physiotherapist for a full assessment and follow up treatment.

How our physiotherapists can help

Our physiotherapists will first evaluate the injured area to determine the extent of the injury and to ensure that the ligaments are still intact. We will then formulate a treatment plan that will help to reduce your swelling and pain, as well as begin restoring your ankle range of motion.  Our physiotherapists will also teach you the appropriate strengthening and balance exercises to reduce the chances of future re-injury.  Book an appointment today so that we can help you return to the sports and activities that you love!