Total Knee Replacement

Typically, people have suffered for a while before having a total knee replacement surgery, leading to changes in walking due to decreased range of motion, muscle strength and function. Physiotherapy before surgery has shown to help with the speed and quality of recovery after surgery.  Physiotherapy after surgery is crucial to a full return to activities.

RehabMAX Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic is a community physiotherapy provider for Vancouver Coastal Health through its OsteoArthritis Service Integration System Program (OASIS).  Under this arrangement, our clinic provides, without charge, post surgical rehabilitation for both hip and knee replacement patients for those who received their surgeries at UBC Hospital and Richmond Hospital but live in Surrey, and who have been referred through the OASIS program.  However, our physiotherapists will also provide rehabilitation to all those who have received surgeries, regardless of which hospital they had their surgery. 

How our physiotherapists can help

Our physiotherapists can help you build the strength in your knee prior to your total knee replacement surgery to reduce your post operative recovery time.  After surgery, we use different modalities such as ultrasound and interferential current to help reduce the pain and inflammation in your knee.  Specific hands-on stretching will be applied to your knee to restore your knee range of motion.  Finally, proper strengthening and balance exercises will be provided to help you return back to your activities safely.  Book an appointment today to find out how we can help you “get back to normal” after your total knee replacement!