Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the most complex joint in the human body. It needs to rotate, slide and spin and move through 180 degrees of motion in many directions. There are a variety of muscles that have to work in concert to ensure the shoulder joint moves properly with everyday activities.

Poor posture, weakened muscles, injury, and lack of proper range of motion can all factor into shoulder pain.  It is important to note that just because your pain is felt in one location, it does not mean that it is the source of the problem. For example, pain at the outside of the shoulder can be from an impingement of the joint or problems with the rotator cuff muscles caused by poor positioning and functioning of the shoulder blade.  The source of the pain must be discovered and addressed before the irritation will be resolved. 

How our physiotherapists can help

It is important that when you have shoulder pain, you have our experts evaluate your joint mobility, range of motion, strength, and coordination. By determining the root cause of your pain, we can then treat it effectively for fast pain relief and improved function.  Book an appointment today to discover how we can resolve your shoulder pain and get you back to the activities that you love!