Shoulder Dislocation

Dislocation of the shoulder typically occurs from falling onto an outstretched arm or a blow to the side or back of the shoulder when falling on it. Dislocations can happen during different sports activities. They are best relocated by a trained medical professional.  Depending on the severity of the dislocation, your physician may prescribe physiotherapy to help stabilize the shoulder joint and protect it during the recovery phase.

With frequent dislocations, the shoulder can become unstable as many structures in the shoulder become damaged and over stretched. By strengthening the muscles around the shoulder, stability can be increased in the shoulder, preventing future dislocations.

At times, dislocations can be quite severe and lead to tearing of cartilage, tendons, ligaments or muscles. In this case, surgery is often needed. After surgery physiotherapy will play an important role in your recovery and the return to normal activities.

How our physiotherapists can help

Physiotherapy is very important after a dislocation. Our physiotherapists will work with you to protect the joint while it heals, and gently rehabilitate your shoulder. During the healing phase, your shoulder will be protected and pain will be addressed.

During your rehabilitation process, we will help you increase your range of motion while gradually improving your strength.  Specific joint stability exercises will be provided.  The goal will be to return you to your full range of motion and strength so that you may return to your normal activities with confidence.  Book an appointment today to find out how we can help you recover from a shoulder dislocation!