Meniscus Injury

The meniscus acts as a cushion for the knee joint and allows for smooth movement of the joint.  With trauma, the meniscus can become bruised or even torn.  The outside edges of the meniscus have more blood flow than the inner portions. This means, depending on the area where the damage is located, the healing process can be slow.  Mild and moderate meniscal injuries can be rehabilitated with physiotherapy.  However, with severe injuries, surgical intervention may be necessary to clean and shave down the torn areas of the meniscus.  Physiotherapy will be necessary for a full recovery after surgery.

How our physiotherapists can help

Most meniscal injuries are mild and involve bruising, irritation, or small tears. Larger tears may require surgery.  Regardless of the extent of your injury, our physiotherapists can help calm the swelling and inflammation in your joint after injury/surgery with the use of ultrasound, laser and other modalities.  Hands-on therapy will help restore your knee range of motion and appropriate strengthening exercises will be provided to provide additional stability to the area.  As well, balance exercises will be given to help reduce the chances of reinjury in the future. Book an appointment today so that we can help you recover from your meniscal injury and get back to doing the physical activities and sports that you love!