Hip Piriformis Syndrome

A major nerve, called the sciatic nerve, branches from your lower spine, through your buttocks, and travels down the back of each leg.  In about 20% of people, the sciatic nerve pierces through the piriformis muscle deep in the buttock instead of running beneath it. This can make the sciatic nerve more susceptible to irritation and pressure from the piriformis muscle.

With excessive sitting, loss of movement in the hips, or trauma, the piriformis muscle can press down on the sciatic nerve. This can lead to an aching sensation deep into the buttocks that may travel to the outer thigh.  With more severe cases, tingling, numbness or severe pain may radiate down the thigh.

How our physiotherapists can help

Our physiotherapists will conduct a thorough assessment to reach an accurate diagnosis prior to implementing a treatment plan to effectively address your pain and dysfunction.  Your tight piriformis muscle will be released using electrical and heat modalities, as well as hands-on trigger point release techniques.  Proper stretches will then be reviewed to maintain the muscle flexibility achieved during the treatment sessions. Book an appointment today to let us help you resolve your leg pain and allow you to return to doing the things that you love!