Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Bound by bones and ligaments, the carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway located on the palm side of your wrist. This tunnel protects the median nerve and the nine tendons that bend your fingers.  Compression of the nerve produces the numbness, tingling and, eventually, hand weakness that characterize carpal tunnel syndrome. It is important to note that symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome may be felt with certain conditions of the neck, where a nerve may be potentially irritated or compressed.

In addition to pain in the wrist and hand, swelling in the hand and fingers is also possible. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be caused by an acute injury.  However, more frequently, it is due to repetitive use of the hand over prolonged periods of time such during assembly-line work or typing. 

How our physiotherapists can help

 Physiotherapy is one of the first lines of defense in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. It is non-invasive and effective in eliminating symptoms and preventing them from returning.  Hands on treatments mobilize stiff joints and stretch tight ligaments of the wrist. Ultrasound and other modalities can reduce swelling, resulting in decreased pressure on the nerve. Range of motion and strengthening exercises will also be provided to help you return back to normal activities.  Finally, we will teach you proper ergonomics at home and at work to prevent future reoccurrences and promote long term and lasting results.  Book an appointment today to discover how we can effectively treat your carpal tunnel syndrome!